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Beaded Flowers: FOTD Apr 28, 2019


This is the intricately beaded cape of a voladore or “flier.” More about this incredible Mexican ritual later. For now, let’s concentrate on the flowers.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day

Kalanchoe, FOTD Mar 8, 2019


When I returned from two months at the beach, five different colors of kalanchoe were blooming on my front terrace. Here is a closeup of my favorite.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Midnight Tryst at the Horticultural Society Ball

Midnight Tryst at the Horticultural Society Ball

In spite of our earlier indecision, when our eyes met in passing on the dance floor, they sealed the tacit agreement that we would slip into the garden at the set hour. Later, we would try but fail to furnish an adequate excuse to our spouses of the reason for our mutual midnight escape. Even our shots of the night-blooming  cereus could not adequately explain our defection. It was as though we carried the scent of our desire-—as heady as the scent of that rare flower-—back to the hall with us. A universal blanket of dispraise settled over the crowd, in spite of the excitement over our viewing of the rare bloom. Everyone knew. Our mutual fate was sealed.

The prompt words for today are garden, tacit, dispraise and desire. I also made use of Cee’s FOTD flower prompt.