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Earrings and Surprises: Flower of the Day, Sep 24, 2018

When Pasiano went to the vivero for more soil for my new pots, I asked him to choose two plants for the pots we’d put at the entrance to my house and to just surprise me. These are the plants he bought. Yolanda says the red and white one is an “aretes” plant, which means earrings–I guess because the red hangs down from the white.Through research, I’ve determined that the arete plant (actually, earrings of the queen) is a variety of fuchsia and the other plant is a hydrangea.  Mystery solved. They are the only white flowers in my garden.  A surprise that the Americano chooses all the bright colors and the Mexicano chose white, albeit with a little splash of blue or red in the center. 


For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.

Bromeliads: Flower of the Day, Sep 23, 2018


Not a flower yet, but can’t resist showing these spidery little bromeliads that have colonized the bark of this tree. They do bloom, but the flowers are tiny and easily overlooked.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Papaya Bloom: Flower of the Day, Sep 21, 2018


IMG_2488These are large blooms, about the size of my hand.  I’ve never paid close attention to them before, but now that I have three papaya trees right beside my kitchen window, it is easier to both see when the fruit is ripe and to notice the blooms.
Here is one of the two papayas I picked from the tree yesterday:


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