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A Walk in Summer Rain, FOTD June 27, 2021

I went out to the garden to try to find a flower to photograph for today’s FOTD prompt. A slight misty rain cooled the air and the almost constant precipitation over the past 24 hours had jeweled the leaves and flowers. As you will see from the photos below, I couldn’t stop.







Pomegranate Bud: FOTD June 21, 2021

A bird must have dropped this bud as it was far from either pomegranate tree on my property. Lovely here, abandoned on the rainy stone of the terraza.

Twilight Garden


I’m lying in the hammock listening to faroff cicadas on the mountain. The ones that usually surround me are silent for now. Oops….one just started up in the yard across the street so I’m sure they will soon be joined by ones in my lot below. I snapped this shot just five minutes ago and already it is nearly too dark to photograph, but interestingly enough, when I just snapped another photo, my camera on my iPhone seems to have picked up extra light as it is just as light as this photo. The wonders of technology. At any rate, I love this time of the day. I came down an hour or so ago to mend a tear in the hammock, heard my neighbor on his porch and asked if they wanted some carrot cake. They did, so I carried over almost 1/2 of the little cake I bought for Jose’s birthday. Then when he didn’t call or come by today, I decided to just have a piece and had already decided to take half of it to my neighbors so I wouldn’t be tempted. Yolanda and Pasiano could polish off the rest tomorrow. But, as fate is prone to do, the minute I got inside from meeting David in the street outside our mutual garages to transfer the birthday cake, the phone rang and it was Jose, who was down at the kiosk at the entrance to the Raquet Club where I live, having a birthday beer with his friend. So, I jumped in my car and took them down two pieces of birthday cake, lit candles  and let Jose make two wishes. His wish was that I’d accept his bid for touching up paint on my house and repairing a crack. My wish was that he’d reduce his estimate by half. He came down 1/3. We’ll see if either of us gets our wish. Happy Birthday, Jose. And to all a good night.


For Cee’s FOTD

Cupping the Sun: Hibiscus for FOTD Apr 23, 2021


It was hard to capture these shots at all in the full sun. These obelisco flowers (as they are called in Mexico) just love to cup the sunlight and then to open to it.


Please click on flowers to enlarge the photos.


For Cee’s FOTD

Argentine Giant Cactus in Bloom: FOTD Apr 17, 2021


Please click on the photos to enlarge your view of them.

I took these shots in my sister’s neighbor’s garden in Peoria, Arizona. Unfortunately, these blooms only last for one or two days. The ones in their white stage were a day beyond their prime.