Savoring Flavoring

Remember Dagwood making those midnight trips to the fridge, piling his “Dagwood sandwich” high with most things edible that came into his vision?  Or slumber parties where you tried to do the same and everyone ended up ill, to you mother’s great chagrin?  We crave the memories almost as much as the tastes, and perhaps this is what continues to drive us out into the night from our warm beds—exploring the hidden depths of our refrigerators for something special to savor. 


Midnight Light

I wear darkness like a second skin.
It is the cloak that hides my midnight sin
as I make my way, barefooted, through my house.
Silent, lest I wake my dogs or spouse.

This way I know most well and so I bridge
in seconds that long gap between my bed and fridge.
Pull open that snug door and hear the plop
first of the rubber gasket, then the top

of the carton that has been my goal.
Spoon out its richness without benefit of bowl.
This darkness both of me and of the night
something the fridge dispenses with its light

as tears of joy and guilt and pleasure stream
down cheeks distended with this chocolate dream.
For minutes, I stand caught up in the hold
of this trio of pleasures: chocolate, creaminess and cold.

Until some motion jolts me from their grip.
I feel its pressure at my shoulder and my hip.
My spouse rolls over, shattering my dream
of midnight tryst with frozen cream.

Its chocolate savor is one that I try to keep
as I roll over once again to seek my sleep.
Whatever course my next dream serves, I’ll try it.
For I’ve already been one long day on this diet!



The prompt today was savor. (Yes, you have perhaps read this poem before.  I wrote it three years ago.) The photos were harvested from the Internet.

16 thoughts on “Savoring Flavoring

        1. lifelessons Post author

          That would be fun. I’ll try to find some of my food poems.. Can think of one now that would be perfect. It deals with the four “tastes” You could do a recipe for each. Let me find it. We might even do a cookbook. Wouldn’t that be fun?

          Liked by 1 person

            1. lifelessons Post author

              So here is one that would work, but I’d have to cut the blogging lingo from the poem and perhaps add on.. but would be fun to have a different recipe that concentrates on each of the 5 tastes. Oops.. I said four tastes earlier. I once read that ketchup is the perfect blend of those 5 tastes. Have you heard this?

              Liked by 1 person

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  3. hirundine608

    Always wondered why Dagwood could eat all that food yet stay long and lean? … Cartoon character you say?

    Ohh well, that explains it … for normal people could never manage that without blowing up like a balloon. Cheers Jamie

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hirundine608

        Bulimic? Really? I thought he was a cartoon? Amazing what cartoons can do, convincing us to follow their peccadilloes? Blondie is a 50 year old, hot 30 year old? Yet she puts up with a bulimic husband? One that sleep walks, to the refrigerator. hehe Cheers Jamie



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