Scissors, Tissue Paper and General MacArthur

Before I leave to get busy with paper, scissors and glue at Campamento Estrella today, I want to share this crafty tradition passed on by my mother.  It was my favorite family tradition.

The Daily Post prompt was traditional.

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Every year, my mom helped us make May baskets to fill with candy and leave on the doorsteps of our friends. As mentioned in an earlier post, we’d ring the doorbell and run. If the recipient caught us, they could kiss or pinch us—their choice.

Some years we bought fancy handled nut cups from the dime store and used them, but I liked best to make my own. One year, my mother showed us something special to use for May baskets. Her family knew how to make these incredible tissue-paper ornaments that, with a cupcake liner filled with candy glued into the bottom, hung down in a web-like form. We’d pin them at the top and when you held them up they would fall down in a lacy accordion effect so they were a foot or two high. The only way you could really get the effect…

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9 thoughts on “Scissors, Tissue Paper and General MacArthur

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think your across-the-street neighbor was the one who brought the tradition of Maybaskets to I’ve forgotten her name, although it was clear in my mind when I started this sentence. Sheesh. She also taught ballet and acrobatics and called the squaredances. Was her name Evie Johnson? Her little boy was killed when he fell off the top of the slippery slide on the grade school playground. So sad.


          1. Mary Francis McNinch

            I was there, but I don’t remember it. Mom said she had several women over for coffee and the 2 – 2 yr olds were playing inside our car, so Timmy took us to the playground. I was told by Aunt Irma that Timmy had a difficult time for years. There was another boy older than Timmy, but I don’t recall his name. Bob was Evie’s husband. Debbie was born a few years later. Evie and Debbie are on one of the Sanderson DVD’s modeling their Easter outfits.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              Horrible horrible. I remember how the shock waves from that hit the whole town. One of the photos of a kid’s play performance in our back yard was actually a benefit staged by Karen Bossart and Patti for the Timmy Johnson fund. Don’t know what they expected it to be used for, but we all took lessons from Evie and I think they just wanted her to know how sad they all were for her.


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