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Gloria’s Art and Photos

Gloria is home now but still doing her photo assignments. This is her last lovely batch.  Click on any photo to enlarge all.  I’m sure she’d enjoy hearing your impressions in the comments below. She doesn’t have a blog so I’m sharing these with you.

When the U.S. Government Tried to Replace Mexican Migrant Workers with High School Students.


I couldn’t figure out how to embed this, but if you click on the link below, you can read about this fiasco planned in the year I graduated from high school.  How is it that I didn’t hear of it then? Lack of an internet, I suppose.


How to Spend a Birthday by Lee Herrick

A lovely poem sent to me by my friend Ken today:

How to Spend a Birthday

Launch Audio in a New Window

Light a match. Watch the blue part
                                                             flare like a shocked piñata
                                            from the beating
                                            into the sky,
                                                             watch how fast thin
wood burns & turns toward the skin,
the olive-orange skin of your thumb
                                                             & let it burn, too.
Light a fire. Drown out the singing cats.
Let the drunken mariachis blaze their way,
streaking like crazed hyenas
over a brown hill, just underneath
a perfect birthday moon.

Being watched by rooks.

I love this poem by Sarah Connor and want to share it with you.

Fmme writes poems

Hard to feel alone
when you live near rooks -
observed as you leave the house,
walk up the lane,
take in the washing;
watched as you weed
or read
or call the kids in
from the field
behind the house.

They must know
the pattern of our days,
our noisy neighbours -
must mention to each other
that we are busy now,
bustling, hustling,
chatting by the car.
They know our hours,
know when we head home,
stream in, gather
from school and work,
from walking the beach,

they must see
the pathways we carve
in the air around us.

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