Best for Last



Best for Last

Just as I’m ready to ingest
the morsel I consider best
and so picked out from all the rest
to be my last bite, savored with zest—
last memory of this gourmet fest—
from north and south and east and west,
descends each winged little pest,
radared in on diabolical quest
as though invited at my behest.
They put my appetite to the test,
settling as though to the nest,
their hairy feet intimately pressed
upon that morsel that I loved best.
I wave my hand over them, lest
they eat too much, then I confess
I guiltily consume the rest.


The prompt today is pest.

12 thoughts on “Best for Last

  1. jacquelineobyikocha

    I wouldn’t be amused sacrificing my last morsel of delicious tidbit to a pesky fly.

    I would like to invite you to my blog party taking place right now. Do step in if you can and network with others.


  2. Karuna Poole

    I had a similar experience last night when a mosquito immersed itself in my food. I couldn’t wave it away but I did spoon it out along with some of the food and then ate the rest.



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