Foggy Weather


Foggy Weather

For weeks I’ve been suspended in clouds and foggy weather.
Up here on the mountain, I can’t determine whether
there’s another world out there or if I am alone,
banished for a life of sins for which I must atone.
I don’t believe in Purgatory. Don’t believe in Hell
or other childhood stories that grownups chose to tell.
Yet something living in the mist has seeped out into me.
Suddenly I’m restless. I’m not content to be.
There’s something still left in the world although I don’t know what.
What I’ve thought of as security is suddenly a rut.
I haven’t lived my life out. There’s much that I have missed.
I’m needing much more laughter. I’m needing to be kissed.
As soon as this fog lifts away and full light reappears,
I’ll solve all my confusions. I’ll sweep away my fears.
The road will be much clearer when it isn’t half-obscured.
I’ll see the bait that life has set and let myself be lured.

The prompt today was foggy.

13 thoughts on “Foggy Weather

  1. slmret

    I love that photo! Over the last 3-4 years, we’ve had what they’re calling “tropical Weather” — hot and very humid, and cloudy, with threat of thunderstorms. It’s too hot to do much of anything, and I’m feeling somewhat trapped as you describe. I hope the fog lifts soon for you, so you can see that bait!

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  2. Allenda

    Remember that lovely view and those magnificent clouds. Whatever is in store for you, I hope it is just what your soul desires. Sending abrazos y bezos.

    Liked by 1 person


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