Why I Dine Alone at Burger King


Why I Dine Alone at Burger King

I’d like a single cheeseburger with pickles on the side,
cheese but no tomato—a fruit I can’t abide.
Be sure there is no pink to see. I like my burgers brown.
You can also skip the cardboard hat. I do not need a crown.

Grilled onions on the cheeseburger and easy on the goo.
Give me a diet Coke with that. I’d like some French fries, too.
I sit down at a booth to wait, my number on the table,
but if I could, I’d supervise—that is, if I were able.

My sandwich comes. I have a bite. I see no pink or red.
I start to take a drink of Coke but have a fry instead.
It’s hot and oh so crispy. Redolent of grease.
I feel a surge of appetite. My hunger pangs increase.

I alternate the bites I take between the fries and meat.
As regular as clockwork. I do not miss a beat.
For when it comes to fast food, I do not equivocate.
My ratio of fries-to-burger I must calibrate.

I plan it down to the last fry. I don’t allow for glitches,
and woe to folks who borrow one. I do not abide snitches.
If you want a French fry, please buy some of your own.
I have plans for all of mine. I am not sharing-prone.

With one more bite of burger and only two more fries,
the ratio is one-to-two. I plan to synchronize.
I have it all planned out, my friend, so if you’re chancing by,
keep your fingers off my French fries, or somebody’s gonna die!


The prompt today was “synchronize. (stock photo.)

16 thoughts on “Why I Dine Alone at Burger King

    1. lifelessons Post author

      oh wait. I got my posts mixed. I thought you were talking about Pick a Pickled Pepper. You were talking about the Burger King piece. The pickles on the side get placed on the hamburger. That was just a piece of poetic license for rhythm and rhyme. Caught me!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      At what point did people decide they could just grab food off your plate? So rude. I usually offer if they look interested, but would not offer fries by choice. I ordered them. Order your own!!! I have spoken!!!


  1. lam0beaner

    Too cute. I had to quit going to our locale BK. They are to slow, then mess the order up on top of that. One day last week it took me a half hour to place my order and get the right items I ordered! Stick a fork in me…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I just had that experience at what should be one of the nicest restaurants in town. Inedible food and horrid service. Stale roles, no salt and pepper on table. The view, however, was sublime.

      Liked by 1 person


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