From Afar

From Afar

I have a penchant for you. You’re my object of desire.
You’ve already lit my embers. No need to fan the fire.
Your conflagration’s handled. There’s a trench around my heart.
I have a backfire all planned out should the ground fires start.

I have an inclination, predilection and a yen.
I know where you are going. I notice where you’ve been.
I won’t admit to stalking. I don’t follow in your wake.
You don’t know I have my eye on you and won’t, for heaven’s sake.

I’m too old for flirting. Too advanced in years for blushes.
I’m twenty years or so beyond midlife schoolgirl crushes.
I don’t go out to hookup bars, to lowlife dives or pubs.
I haven’t yet resorted to senior singles clubs.

But lately I’ve been feeling like my isolation’s stupid,
so I gathered up my courage and signed up for OkCupid.
No chance that I’ll be overcome with romance’s pleasures.
Thanks to you, I’ve done my research on precautionary measures.


The word of the day today was penchant.

5 thoughts on “From Afar

    1. lifelessons Post author

      You are a naughty boy, Moran. I have been in Kenya and Tsavo twice. The first time in 1967!! I was in a bus with other students and we ran off the road and tipped over and had to walk to the closest lodge..before cell phones..I remember our ham sandwiches were full of ants. Very exciting. A friend and I then rented a little Fiat and drove through Tsavo and to Malindi. This is before the bridge was built and we had to put the car on a raft and men rowed us over. At one point a man came out of the jungle and chased us with a spear. Was that your grandfather? My second visit was in 1973. We retraced my steps but things were very different. In the lodge where we stayed, we met a woman who had been Haile Selassie’s mistress. A coincidence because I ended up living in Ethiopia for 2 years after that. I think he was a bit too old for mistresses by then. Many African adventures, but none so entertaining as your man who rode the lion!!!



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