Initial Diaper Duty


New fathers often balk at tampering
with their newborn’s inaugural Pampering.
But though he’d rather be out boozing,
He’d better learn, ‘cuz Mommy’s snoozing.

The prompt today was pamper.

3 thoughts on “Initial Diaper Duty

  1. hirundine608

    Actually, those things are bane for us. If one would visit a northern first nation’s area? The ground is littered with old, used pampers disposable diapers. For thousands of years moss was used, then discarded. Doesn’t work so well with indestructible products … We used washable cotton 40 some years ago. Cheers Jamie


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Same with Copper Canyon. We went to an area where people still live and work in the old caves they’ve lived in for centuries. I wandered off from the group and found a cave filled with used disposable baby diapers..



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