The Face

These are faces that could launch a thousand ships:

(Click on first photo to enlarge all)

The prompt today was launch.

8 thoughts on “The Face

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Those two little blond boys and the man next to them.. and another photo of him later, are my godson and his two sons. When I met the boys for the first time a year ago, they came rushing into the house and said, “Our dad said you were his Godmother. Does that make you our Fairy Godmother? I said “No, that makes me your Fairly Godmother!” They are both smart and adorable. Their dad had given the youngest his backwards ducktail. I love it. Their Grandma, their dad’s mother, was my little sister in the sorority in college and has been my lifelong friend ever since. We were roomies in college and during the summers in apartments, we toured Germany and France together, they lived with me when their house blew away in a tornado and I see her twice a year–once when I go to visit her and my sister in Sheridan and again when she comes to Mexico–usually at Christmas. I would have put a photo of her face, but she won’t let me take photos of her. It would have to be a photo of her palm held between her and the lens.



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