When Freud talked about the ego, super-ego and the id—
all the different parts of us within which humans hid,
(all the things that made you “you” and things that made me “me”)
he thought that he’d identified all that there could be.

But if he were living, he would add a chapter or two
to say that id, ego and super-ego wouldn’t do.
There’s a punctuation omission I fear he failed to see.
It is that vital part of us that’s labeled the i.d.!

It used to be that I possessed my own identity
and showing up was proof enough that I was really me,
but now “me” is not me enough, and I find it hard
to face that I am only me when carrying a card.


The prompt word today is

3 thoughts on “I.D.

  1. emo

    I like it 🙂
    When I was a trainee bank clerk at age 17, one of the stories going around the bank was of a customer who came to the counter and was asked for proof of her identity; in response she took a compact from her bag, looked in the mirror and said “Yes, that’s definitely me!”

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