Whoa MoMMa, MisMatched Socks? What a BuMMer!!!! (CFF’s Words with two M’s)



Little Duck is checking it out and he can’t believe it any more than I can.  Out of eight socks taken out of the dryer, six of them are mismatched—which means each of them matches none of the others! You may think some look like they match, but none of them remotely do.  If they are the same length, one is heavy and the other see-through. I cannot figure it out as I have even purchased two new pairs of black socks since I left Mexico. Mismatched socks are a Bummer!!! May have to go buy myself some M&M‘s to console myself.  Mmmm good.

(This photo from the internet was released to the public domain.)

 P.S. This photo was not staged.  I’d taken this photo tonight before I saw the challenge.  I was trying to figure out how to use it and asked forgottenman, “Can you figure out some word with two m’s in it that describes mismatched socks?”  He said, “Ummm–mismatched?”  “Brilliant!” I said. “How did you come up with that so fast?” “You really didn’t notice that mismatched had two m’s in it?” he countered.  “Yes, that’s why I called you brilliant.” “Dear,” he said, “you said it to me! ‘Mismatched socks’?”  Duh. We leave tomorrow for Minnesota.  In the rush of packing, not to mention frustration over non-matching socks, my mind seems to have become addlepated. I’ll be my usual perfect self tomorrow.

For Cee’s fun foto letter challenge. (Words with two M’s.)

15 thoughts on “Whoa MoMMa, MisMatched Socks? What a BuMMer!!!! (CFF’s Words with two M’s)

  1. slmret

    Love the idea of m&m’s as a solution for mismatched socks! I have a running conversation with a friend about single socks coming out of the dryer — how can that happen when I’m the only one using the machines?!


  2. Christine Goodnough

    Dryers eat socks. I’ve had some disappear just recently myself. of course the second one never disappears because you never wear it after the first is lost.

    Oh, Wait! I forgot the recent trend. Normally I don’t keep up with fads but this one — wearing two different colored socks — is the most practical I’ve heard in years. It ranks next using mismatched buttons on blouses and shirts. I’m amazed the young generation has become so thrift-conscious! 😉

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Cee. My socks are spending the night in my suitcase in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The temperature has dropped 25 degrees since we left Missouri this morning. Brrrr. And me with no socks on!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      And windy, to boot, and our very nice motel happens, we have found too late, to be right next to the train tracks. Trains every 15 minutes or so. Some of them looooooong.


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