CYW: Robin’s Egg Blue



Luckily, two friends have chosen to wear robin’s egg blue blouses recently.  The sculpture photo was taken in Puerto Vallarta. Not sure what created the ring effect, but I like it! Click on any photo to enlarge all.

For the Color Your World Challenge.

9 thoughts on “CYW: Robin’s Egg Blue

  1. Leland Olson Hoel

    There has never been a truer blue than robin’s egg blue. I just put my novel on Kindle eBooks, it should be ready in a day or two. If you’re into reading ebooks it’s titled ‘The Bay Area Bad Guys by Leland Olson. Hope you’re well and warm down there, 40 below zero here the other day and of course, the wind was blowing like Mad

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      1. Leland Olson Hoel

        We have a 17-year-old grouchy cat, she is positive she is people. I might concur, she is as grouchy as my wife. There is no way we would ever get her in a car. We had her at the lake cabin one day. When I tried to put her in her cat taxi she hid under the bathtub.I sat there for half a day freezing my wazoo, I finally caught her with a fish landing net when she came out from under the tub. She has not traveled since that day many years ago.



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