Boat Ride through the Mangroves

Yesterday my friends Lach, Becky and I took a late afternoon boat ride through the beautiful mangrove forest ecological preserve in La Manzanilla, Mexico to view dozens of bird species as well as the iguanas and crocodiles. ( Click on any photo to enlarge them all:)

This certainly qualified as entertainment!

33 thoughts on “Boat Ride through the Mangroves

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I did some culling after you viewed the photos, Cee. I fell asleep while uploading these and didn’t realize some near duplicates had slipped thorough. Excuses, excuses.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      How can I forget the Coyuga Lagoon? Most of the ride was through back yards. We did see plenty of chickens and roosters, as I recall. I also recall that we both had nylons on under our slacks! It wasn’t our most perfect day. Jim never got off the boat again for the rest of the cruise.



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