I don’t really need ESP to know what you are thinking,
for when I ask, “Should I wear this?” your left eyelid starts blinking
like it does whenever you tell a little fib;
and I can tell your “It looks great!” sounds a little glib.
That’s how I know without a doubt you’re spinning a fine yarn;
and that, in fact, in this dress I must look wide as a barn.

If you say this dish is great but feed most to the dogs—
if you say I’m clever but you rarely read my blogs—
if you “want” to get together but we rarely do—
I’ve already read the clues to ascertain your view.
Yet, still I have the option to see the other side
and find a way to look at it that will preserve my pride.

Your eye might blink because a gnat got caught in it just now,
and so I do not really look as broad as any cow.
He just has a small appetite. Her eyesight might be failing.
She might be out of town and when she gets home from her sailing,
she’ll call me up and we will meet and have a laugh or two.
Without this ESP I really get to choose my view
of believing what I want to in spite of what I’ve guessed.
When it comes to friendship, less clarity is best!


Not many of you were around four years ago when I first wrote this poem so here it is again, out for review. The daily prompt word is blink.

9 thoughts on “Blink

  1. ally4186

    What a charming insightful poem. Thanks for making me smile as i acknowledge that same ESP within my relationship wherein I can talk myself in or out of any situation he drops at my feet!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ally4186

        You are welcome. I have only discovered WordPress this evening and I have been enjoying reading the blogs. It may take me a while to understand how to follow blogs but I’m sure I will get there.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          You just click “follow” on the bottom right, usually of each screen. I think mine is right next to the “like” bar, though. If you have a wordpress account, all posts of people you are following show up in the Reader. Otherwise, I think you are emailed. A link to my blog is also always given on my facebook account. Welcome aboard. I warn that it is addictive, Ally.



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