La Manzanilla Sunset, Jan 25, 2018

I have not changed the color in any way in these photos.  It was really this bright.  You can find more sunset photos of this night and a poem HERE.

Click first photo to enlarge all.. Ho hum, as usual.  I put this instruction here for new viewers.. sorry, old hands.  Don’t mean to insult you.  

14 thoughts on “La Manzanilla Sunset, Jan 25, 2018

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Every sunset here is usually fantastic but this one took the cake. Usually, the photos don’t come out as bright as the real thing, but tonight atmospheric conditions were right and they came out true. I’m publishing more shots I took tonight in the Look Up challenge.. found on your blog, by the way. Thanks. Not of the sunset specifically but for some reason I stayed out and took dozens of shots of the people watching the sunset and of the birds, etc. Concentrated on the sky. Had to put the bird in again because I love this shot of the bird on razor wire.

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  1. slmret

    A gorgeous sunset! Thanks for sharing. We had a nice sunset tonight too — but I was a passenger in a friend’s car and didn’t have my camera. We enjoyed colors from pink all the way to bright golden, similar to what you have shown here!

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