The Conveyor of the Moon

The moon, a rabbit, a bottle of tequila and a simple Mayan figure of a woman convey to us many of  the legends of Mexico as well as one theory about her naming.  Eight years ago I created a retablo that conveyed this message, both visually and in a story that resides in a chamber within the box the retablo sits upon.  I sold that retablo years ago, but luckily I have this photo and these words that describe it. In case you missed it last time, here it is again:


The prompt today was conveyor.

5 thoughts on “The Conveyor of the Moon

  1. Dangerspouse

    How fascinating! I had no idea the richness of rabbit lore in the Mexican canon. (Despite having plenty of experience with “erratic, inconsistent heavenly bod(ies).” Ah, college….

    (Alternate joke: “Loved reading about the rabbit lore! Made the hare on the back of my neck stand up.”)

    But yeah, jokes aside, I really enjoyed reading the entry you linked to. Thanks!



    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha!!! I think that quip was inevitable, eventually.. but you got there first. Wish I could find my entire story about the history of rabbit in Mexico. I think it is lost to some ancient hard drive, but exists in hard copy somewhere except the bowels of the retablo, I hope.

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  2. treerabold

    I enjoyed following the link and reading about the rabbits and Jaina women. We have friends in Yucatan and try to visit as often as possible. Such a rich history. I always find myself searching deeper to learn as much as I can.

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