Morning Ritual


Morning Ritual

One pill, two pills, three pills four.
Five and six complete the score.
Then one rolls off onto the floor,
but knees are stiff and back is sore,
reclaiming it a painful chore,
so you just open up the drawer
and select one capsule more.
Swallowing pills is such a bore.
Can you remember what each is for?


10 thoughts on “Morning Ritual

  1. Christine Goodnough

    My husband can identify. One of his half dozen often escapes or disappears into the tablecloth colors. I’m thankful that I’ve only one pill I HAVE to take for my lack of thyroid. The rest, vitamin types, can be forgotten a time or two — though if I forget my glucosamine for too long, my arthritic knees and headaches will remind me. 🙂

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