Charity Invitational Reading with Alice Walker

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Along with Denise Brown,I was honored to be one of two poets asked to do a charity invitational reading with Alice Walker and Anne Wheeler tonight. Each of us read for 20 minutes. Ron Stock, the organizer of the event, also read. Emily Carson-Apstein, a wonderful spoken word poet, visiting her father Fred here, had done  an amazing job with a piece shared with our writing group on Saturday, so when Melody Sayre, scheduled to introduce the evening, was called away on a family emergency, I suggested Emily introduce the evening and Ron agreed. All in all it was a fantastic and varied evening topped off with readings from Alice Walker’s in-progress new work.  Anne Wheeler brought down the house with her beautifully told story of taking her mother to the ceremony where she received the Order of Canada award. I wish I had recorded the evening on video. What a special night.

11 thoughts on “Charity Invitational Reading with Alice Walker

  1. lynnstrough

    It was a wonderful evening! Congratulations on being included – your lovely, vivid poems about your childhood summers brought back memories of mine in Michigan. Thank you for sharing with us. Wish there was a pic of you too!!

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  2. frazzledagain

    I was going to say, too bad someone didn’t get a photo of you. I love the background of the grass roof and nature, the photos are amazing. The very frist one, I don’t know what it is, but I was like, WOW, the grass, the coloring, the lamp etc. Thank you for sharing

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