Lest the Love Affair End Too Soon


Lest the Love Affair End Too Soon

He’s so suave, my boyfriend Jesse—
trimmed and polished and so dressy—
that no one would ever guess he
lives in rooms so doggone messy.
Ties draped over backs of chairs,
spare shoes tumbling down the stairs,
underwear in places where
you wouldn’t think to find a pair
of  crumpled socks or BVDs.
Things piled wherever he might please.

Pizza boxes you’re sure to see
on the divan or Smart TV.
Pockets emptied where he wishes—
piles of coins in dirty dishes.
He’s smooth and debonair, for sure.
I cannot question his allure.
Ladies fawn on him,  and flirts
flutter eyelids, swish their skirts.
He’s charming and I don’t dispute
that he is terminally cute.

All those praises, I’d repeat,
but I would never say he’s neat!!!
So if you must, if you’ve the whim,
make a pass. Make off with him.
Hold hands in front of movie screens,
make love in cabs or limousines.
Meet him any place he chooses—
ski weekends, romantic cruises.
Go to Vail, Paris or Rome.
Just don’t let him take you home!


The prompt today is messy.

6 thoughts on “Lest the Love Affair End Too Soon

  1. isaiah46ministries

    What a great poem, and so true. I smiled adn thought, Boy that describes my husband. He is the best cook, but no dishwashing. I love that he cooks, but I cringe at the aftermath. How can I cook and still have a clean kitchen and he has a disaster. Although I admit, his food is much much better.

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  2. Christine Goodnough

    And then if you add that he’s an information addict with overflowing bookcases, books, mags and notes piled on desks, various tables & windowsills… 😦 Your verse does seem the universal wail of womankind.
    A friend told me that when she first got married her hubby piled clothes on chairs, the bed, etc. So she’d pile them all on his side of the bed by evening. He’d want to go to bed and dump them all off on chairs or wherever. Not sure just how long that went on or how it finally ended, He was a vet, so one hopes he kept better track of his instruments!



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