Five Finger Exercise

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Five Finger Exercise

One finger isn’t typing, though I know that’s what it’s for.
It’s just that I can’t use it since I slammed it in the door.
It sliced it very neatly , not quite down to the bone,
The bleeding was profuse. I called my neighbor on the phone.
He drove me to the clinic where they stitched my finger closed.
Yes, needles in your finger hurt as much as you’ve supposed.
So now I type one-handed with my left hand in the air,
for it was the doctor who said to hold it there,
one finger pointing up as though calling for a cab,
That’s why I won’t be using it to poke or type or dab!

If any friends had come into my house while I was gone, they would have thought I’d been murdered or at the least stabbed and abducted, as there was a trail of blood from the sharp metal door to the kitchen. Very obvious against the off-white tile. I’ll spare you the photos.


22 thoughts on “Five Finger Exercise

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    Oh Judy, I am so sorry to hear – and see! – that! I remember how painful it is from the time I stuck my middle finger into a garbage disposal. At the time, I was teaching at a catholic university, and for a month I had to show the nuns my neatly bandaged MIDDLE FINGER. As you said, you have to hold it up!



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