Chancy Cuisine


Chancy Cuisine

I ordered cottage cheese pancakes with bacon on the side.
I’d heard they were delicious, so I took it in my stride
when I saw them on the menu, not thinking it absurd
until I took my first big bite and bit into a curd.
So what if cottage cheese had lumps? I thought it wouldn’t matter.
I thought somehow that they’d be blended smoothly in the batter.
Not so, I found, attempting to mash them with my fork.
and take  a bite of pancake, then a bite of pork.
The pork and syrup didn’t help this dish lumpy and pallid.
It still tasted like breakfast that was conjoined with a salad!
By the time I’d drunk my coffee down to its last dregs
and tried to hide my pancakes under my scrambled eggs,
my friends were finishing their meals, replete and smacking lips,
settling their bills and figuring their tips.
Their breakfasts were not strange ones—neither oddly-paired nor lumpy.
Nothing in today’s cuisine had left them starved and grumpy.
They went on to see a matinee and other day’s adventures,
while I went home to pry the curds out of my brand new dentures!
Next time I’ll order scrambled eggs, an omelet or a waffle,
not chancing more exotic fare potentially awful.


The prompt work today is partake.

16 thoughts on “Chancy Cuisine

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Do you live lakeside??? If so, I’m sure we ordered them at the same place. I know they are a popular item. Just not my choice in the future. Leaves more for you. ;o)


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Nah.. Wasn’t that bad. Just not to my taste. My taster is off due to all the meds I’ve been taking, anyway..Alot of it was the texture. Just not the right combination of cooking elements for me. I like pancakes. Like cottage cheese. Together? Not so much.


      1. koolkosherkitchen

        However, you can make absolutely delicious “syrniki” (pancakes) with farmer cheese, smother them in sour cream, and sprinkle some sweetened cocoa powder on top – ah, how I miss dairy food!


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