Mystery Solved

My friend Larry Kolczak has allowed me to copy this hilarious email sent to me.  I’ve been trying to convince him he should have a blog himself. Do you agree?

Six months ago, we hung these beaded curtains on our second-floor patio fence to obscure the view into the neighboring lot.  Recently, …


… we started finding broken strands.  We figured it was because the curtains weren’t made for outdoor use, and that sun and wind had deteriorated the nylon strings.  But, that wasn’t the problem…

It turns out that many of the eco-friendly beads are acorns.


Guess who noticed?

He nips the string to get the uppermost acorn…

… which he either eats on the spot, or buries in our potted plants, and leaves us with the…


…collateral damage.


16 thoughts on “Mystery Solved

  1. Betty

    Larry took the largest hanging down as the squirrel hadn’t gotten that far but its so long we have no place for it. The remaining strands on the others he put hot sauce on hoping to make him stop. He is beautiful, he is like a child, cute but naughty!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Are you talking about Larry or the squirrel in the last sentence? Ha. I love his little photo journals of your life and your house, don’t you? You both are excellent in your respective arts. This is my favorite post to date of his.


  2. isaiah46ministries

    What a great use of acorns. I was reminded of the squirrels trying eating the bird seed, until Douglas bought a new feeder that closed when the weight of the squirrels was felt. They are so resourceful, are squirrels.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. I had a friend who put the dish of seed out on a long tube so when the squirrels went out, it tipped them off. Unfortunately it tipped all the birdseed out of the bowl as well. Back to the planning table.


  3. Christine Goodnough

    They are such clever little things! I think most people hesitate to start a blog because they aren’t sure they can maintain it, but if he’s regularly sending out e-mails like this, Larry probably has enough material to put up a few dozen posts already..



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