Personal Style

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Personal Style

I do not like to fall in line
with any style that isn’t mine.
I am the one bent to upend
each cookie-cutter styling trend.
Flaunting current fads is boring.
Predictable sets me to snoring.
The style that I most like to see
reflects one’s personality.
There’s magic in diversity.

The prompt word today was flaunt.

7 thoughts on “Personal Style

  1. calensariel

    I’m right there with you. I tried changing my style once when I was making a habit out of watching “What Not To Wear.” Bought pert near a whole new wardrobe. Ended up giving most of it to the Boys & Girls Club of Utah. It was all so uncomfortable!!! Comfort is my main requirement!

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      1. calensariel

        Me, too. But I couldn’t escape the feeling that they were trying to turn me into something I wasn’t. It made me wonder if that’s how people who perceive themselves as gay and are afraid to reveal who they truly are feel. a stretch — maybe…

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