Tide of Laughter



Tide of Laughter

I used to roll with laughter most every day or so.
My parties were all riotous. No one would ever go
back home again till two or three or four or five or six.
And some would stay for breakfast, prerhaps hoping that I ‘d fix
my special chocolate waffles or orange berry strudels
or curried eggs or cheesy pie or strata made with noodles.
We’d story-tell and play charades and I admit, we’d drink
and stage our paper yacht races within the kitchen sink.
The guests might come in costume and some might bring a friend
for I had grown notorious for parties with no end.
When I was a teacher, I’d invite the whole darn staff.
Away from school, our hearts were gay. We dearly loved to laugh!
But this was years ago, my friend. Our hearts were young and gay.
Now that we’ve lived past sixty, we live a shorter day.
When I have my friends over to play a game or dine,
some find the spices don’t agree and others shun the wine.
Some have little dogs at home they have to feed by five.
Others have eye problems and find they cannot drive
after dark at all and so they have to leave by seven.
I guess our laughter’s done on earth. Perhaps we’ll laugh in heaven.


If you were around four years ago, you might have already read this. It is hyperbole.  Don’t worry, there is still laughter in my life.  It just tends to be a bit subtler these days. The prompt today is laughter.

20 thoughts on “Tide of Laughter

        1. lifelessons Post author

          I know. Crazy. We keep thinking we’re getting the jump on nature, but nature has its ways! Even the chemical manufacturers are part of nature. We all are. The world must maintian a balance one way or another.

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  1. Relax...

    Ah, so true. (I hadn’t read this one before — I love it!) I was dismayed when friends suddenly couldn’t drink coffee after our dinner. For such a caffeine-aholic to be asked if we had any “decaf”… well, it made me sad as well as grossed out, lol. *sigh.. ’tis life.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      With me, caffeine is a matter of sore joints and too many midnight trips to the bano. Hardest for me to give up Diet Coke, even the caffeine-free variety. I still occasionally slip.

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      1. Relax...

        Aw, sore joints — I’d never heard that before, but definitely, caffeine has its minuses. However, I’m glad you occasionally slip when it comes to your diet Coke. I like the non-diet Coke; it has replaced my cure-all tonic of old — ginger ale! I dole it out to myself, most especially because I like it, because, really, who am I — a queen who has to be given her heart’s content? — but I don’t deny me completely!


  2. calensariel

    I so get that not driving after dark thing. It’s especially difficult with diabetes because you see rings of light around ll the headlights. It pert near dictates my life anymore…You’re blessed to have such good friends, Judy.

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