Bougainvillea Still Life: Flower of the Day, May 17, 2018

IMG_0564 2

Pasiano has no reverence for art when it comes to yard cleanup. 


For Cee’s flower prompt.

2 thoughts on “Bougainvillea Still Life: Flower of the Day, May 17, 2018

  1. okcforgottenman

    “Pasiano has no reverence for art when it comes to yard cleanup.“

    I disagree. I think Pasiano has reimagined the original stone structure, integrating it into his own minimalistic sculpture, a contrast of old and new, his purple dustpan and red-whiskered broom uniting with the purdy flowers in a subtle, smart rebuke to the stones’ monotone tan. The implement/sculpture handles point to the heavens, in sharp rebuke and loving warp to the weft of the reclining stone sculpture, an acknowledgment of the passage of time and oh crap I can’t keep this up any longer.
    Nice photo.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well, you’ve convinced me. Luckily I took a photo so I can put it all back in place! Now, Yolanda redid my seated woman sculpture by throwing away my shard cover for the potted plant and replacing it all with a big ugly planter with dead plants in it! I had worked so hard to find a solution to incorporating that big sculpture into the front walkway and it is now horrendous! Many protestations and phone calls and handing the phone back and forth between me and Pasiano finally brought her admission she had thrown it over the wall down into the lot below! We went down and eventually found it under a mountain of cut palm branches.. yes, broken in pieces. I will try to piece it together again. Some people need to keep their hands off my artistic endeavors! Will have to buy a new plant, however.

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