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Bougainvillea Close-up: FOTD Nov 21

Flowers within flowers. This is the first time I’ve ever seen three of the white blooms on a bougainvillea. The beautiful dark rose-colored petals are actually leaves.

For Cee’s FOTD

Floral Alphabet Challenge: The Letter “B” Sept 16, 2022

Please click on photos to enlarge. Thanks to Forgottenman for helping me to find the last two photos in my media file.

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Also posted  for Cee’s FOTD, Sept 16

Vegetable and Mineral: FOTD June 19, 2022

This sculpture is made from stone slabs a sculptor friend purchased to carve. You can see the holes drilled to split the stone, but I loved the individual pieces assembled as they are. They now form this “bench” that holds a planter near my hot tub and pool. It contains succulents, lobelia, gardenias and I believe gazanias that perhaps have been crowded out since planting a few years ago. The bougainvillea is a visitor from the huge bush behind it. There’s some Virginia Creeper reaching its fingers into the pot as well as a lopsided solar light. 


For Cee’s FOTD