The Advantages of Complication

The Advantages of Complication

We need not suffer tremulation
over each new complication.
Problems can be an education
giving you a short vacation
from life’s boring replication
and furnishing a daily ration
of a brand new excitation.
Even outright consternation
can lead us to boredom’s cessation,
leading us to the elation
of a full heart’s palpitation
that leads to life’s renovation.

The prompt word today is complication.

5 thoughts on “The Advantages of Complication

    1. lifelessons Post author

      No. I go through the alphabet, writing any words I can think of at the bottom of the “page,” pick one and write a line, pick the next one and write a line to lead up to it, and work my way through the list. When I run out of end words, I run through the alphabet again to pick up words I’ve forgotten. If I eventually run out of words and can’t think of any others, then I occasionally Google the word for rhyming words but usually, I’ve thought of all the ones that are true rhymes. It just seems to work better thinking them up myself and I think it is good mental exercise. I bought a rhyming dictionary twenty years ago or more but I don’t think I’ve used it more than twice. Just doesn’t feel fair to use it–like using a crossword dictionary. Cheating. Ha.



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