Disappearing Act


Generally, I have no desire to disappear.  Given my choice, you’d have me around forever.  The only exception is when I am ill.  In that case, I just want to draw into my shell and disappear.  This poem written three years ago chronicles such a time:


Bring me vitamins and soup,
but please don’t camp upon my stoop.
For when I have the ague or flu,
I’d rather not commune with you!
I’d rather sink into my gloom
sealed up lonely in my room.
Sleep as much as I am able,
use my stomach as a table.

Leave liquids here beside my bed,
but please don’t hover overhead.
An angel is appreciated
if, once immediate needs are sated,
they disappear and leave me to
my soggy Kleenex and the loo!


The prompt word today is disappear.

9 thoughts on “Disappearing Act

  1. isaiah46ministries

    Exactly my sentiments today as my body battles pneumonia and a sore throat. Just let me lay alone without having to entertain anyone, because I always feel that I have to be perky even when sick when people come to visit.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I hope you have someone to wait on you and then leave! And, hope you’ve seen a doctor. These new bugs can be lethal, as I’ve discovered by the loss of two friends this year–one of them only 30 years old. Take care of yourself and then disappear, but not literally.

      Liked by 1 person


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