Showing up Late for Happy Hour at the Corner Cantina

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Showing Up Late for Happy Hour at the Corner Cantina

I’m late because of accidents and countless little slips
like toothpaste down my shirt front, hair caught in my zips
and a seat belt that was caught and wouldn’t span my hips.

So bring out all your arsenal—your bludgeons and your whips.
I deserve your censure, your curses and your yips.
Perhaps it is my fault that you’re in tequila’s grips!

By looking at the tablecloth and counting all the drips,
It seems that all the salsa’s not contacting your lips,
and all your margaritas aren’t winding up as sips.

I’m making the assumption you might need more chips,
and more salsa fresca and guacamole dips,

which means our busy waiter must make some extra trips.

He doesn’t seem amused by all your clever quips
which increase with the frequency of your little nips,

so I’m hoping the aforementioned will earn him larger tips!

The WordPress prompt today is assumption.

8 thoughts on “Showing up Late for Happy Hour at the Corner Cantina

  1. calensariel

    Love that picture you shot down in the green glass. I actually would hang that on my wall. Margaritas…I LOVE blended raspberry margaritas (but only with Patrone!).


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Okay, Calen. I’ll give you my recipe for incredible Rootie Tootie Margarooties. Tequila, Diet Squirt, Chambord or other raspberry liqueur and Diet Cranberry juice, lots of ice, all crushed together in the blender to make a slush. Absolutely delicious!! If you want salt on the rim, mix 1/3 salt to 1/3 sugar, rub lime around the rim and sip it in the sugar/salt. I do it without the rim salt/sugar. If it doesn’t taste right, tweak the ingredients until you get the right mix. If I must, I’ll measure out the right amounts and tell you the quantities. Unless following a recipe, I always cook by approximation, taste, adjustment. Makes it more of an adventure.



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