Agustin on YouTube

This is my friend Agustin whom I have featured in a number of stories on my blog.  A wonderful man.

And here are two more stories about him:

6 thoughts on “Agustin on YouTube

  1. slmret

    A wonderful man; a wonderful program! I agree with him that education will be the solution to poverty in Mexico — more power to hm! Is it possible to donate from here to his organization?


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. I believe he has a paypal account. I will attest to the fact that every bit will be spent on kids or the operation feed program. I think he’s going to continue the kids camp we’ve run for three years as well so he might use it for that. I just wrote and asked him about the best way to send money. Would you like it to be spent for Operation Feed, the kids camp, the music program or the tutoring and English language programs?

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      1. slmret

        Thanks — I don’t use PayPal — if I could send a check (? through you), that would be best for me. I think I’d like any donation to go to Operation Feed and/or the English language program, but would also be comfortable with telling him to use it wherever it does the most good.Do you have an email? — mine is


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