Please Check Out this New Prompt Site

This site called “Daily Addictions” posts a prompt daily and has a site to post to that is easy to use and easy to see the responses of others.  It is a great replacement to The Daily Prompt.  Please check it out and support it.  There are other sites presently developing their posting page but this is the only one that I know of that is currently up and running.

Today’s prompt is Concerted. Please write a prompt and post it to their site.

8 thoughts on “Please Check Out this New Prompt Site

    1. lifelessons Post author

      You are welcome. The Ragtag Prompt site is trying to get it together as well. I finally got info on where to send the post. Seven different people are prompting–one each day of the week. I’m trying to get them to use Mr. Linky but I think they have some reservations about the security. I’ve been posting to it on dVerse poets for over a year with no problem, but I’m no expert. I just want these prompt sites to succeed.

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    2. lifelessons Post author

      Very Cool. Looks professional. You might send out some personal invitations to long time bloggers such as Cee, Marilyn at Serendipity, Angloswiss, Simret, Relax, Rugby, koolkosherkitchen, Hirundine, Animar, Leland and Momshieb. Just trying to think of a few who seem to post regularly. I’ll try to think of some others and also put out the word personally as people comment on my blog.


  1. Embeecee

    Er, actually there are THREE pretty darned good prompt sites that are up and running (mostly) too. I’m going to add your friend’s to the list of the ones I do, but FYI: (Fandango)..does a daily prompt. He’s hilarious (whether on purpose or not..??) but his prompt works fine.
    RDP (Ragtag Daily Prompt) – which I see you already follow…they’ve had a couple of snags, but I believe they’ve worked ’em out too
    and lastly, but not least:
    (thriving not surviving)…hers isn’t every single day and I think she’s got a couple of other bloggers interested in doing a team effort like RDP has, but her prompt has always worked great so far…

    I try to do each of them, but yes, it’s a LOT of blogging. And folks may find that overwhelming.

    Thanks for the direct to a new one though! 🙂


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