Rainy Season Whine


Rainy Season Whine

They can’t control the weather. The rain is its own boss.
So in the rainy season, we get our share of moss.
It wouldn’t be so bad if it would just grow where we choose,
but in the rainy season, it grows inside my shoes.

From June to September, we fall asleep to rain
and then in the morning, we wake up to it again.
Our clothing’s always soggy. Our clean cars do not last.
We can’t sit on the patio for a light repast.

We cannot play touch football with the wife and kids,
for when we do, our touchdowns wind up as muddy skids.
The dog does not get walked enough, so he’s a restless doggy,
and when we order pizza, the box is always soggy.

Pent up with our families, tempers sometimes flare.
Dad wigs out when the roof leaks, sis bemoans her frizzy hair.
Mom says that the fudge won’t set and brother is complaining
that the wifi doesn’t seem to work so well when it is raining.

We know the flowers need it, as does the reservoir.
Restrictions in water usage in the summer are a bore.
It’s true water’s a blessing. We are much in its debt,
but is there no way to get it without getting wet?


The FOWC challenge word today is control.

7 thoughts on “Rainy Season Whine

  1. Fandango

    June through September is a long rainy season. Where I live it’s December throug March, except when there’s a drought. And that’s something we just can’t control.


  2. V.J. Knutson

    Ha ha – moss in your shoes – made me laugh. We thought about retiring to Vancouver Island, but the whole month we were there it rained – scared us away. Great post.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      We went there for our honeymoon in March (long ago, not this March) and, yes, it rained on us every day as well. Not so easy to do research back then. No internet. We then went to live in a rainforest where it rained for 4 months of the year pretty much every day. The year we moved there it was 60 inches.. and we were to find out the next year that that had been a drought year. 120 was more the norm.

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