Tempering Anger

Tempering Anger

Temper has no reason. Temper has no rhyme.
Temper keeps us agitated. Restless all the time.
If it is abundant,  we lose all control.
We can’t escape. It holds us firmly in its bowl.

Others give us wide berth, fearing what we’ll do.
They  navigate around us as we rage and stew.
The only ones who’ll meet us are others of our ilk
for whom the brew of anger is like mother’s milk.

We draw on it and fester as it sours inside.
Ire is what carries us. We mount it and we ride
off to bloody encounters, thirsty for the fray,
intent that those who anger us will be the ones who’ll pay.

We do not stop and reason, for revenge is our goal.
We don’t consider it may be ourselves who’ll pay the toll.
For other angry people, on the other side,
may have an equal anger, as tall and deep and wide.

Some causes warrant anger. When liberty is sold,
to the highest bidder, we must be strong and bold.
We might use ire to drive us, but it’s reason that must lead.
It is more easily directed, yet draws a finer bead.

The prompts today are:
https://dailyaddictions542855004.wordpress.com/2018/06/26/abundant/ (Mr. Linky)https://fivedotoh.com/2018/06/26/fowc-with-fandango-temper/

9 thoughts on “Tempering Anger

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think people on both sides have to exercise some reason. Hard to do when emotions (including mine) are so high. I find myself in tears of anger over this every day, but there has to be some ground where we can meet..or at least enough reason to figure out a solution. It is impossible not to feel anger and reasonable to do so given the atrocities. Still, reason in dealing with this anger is necessary.

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  1. Old Guy

    We draw on it and fester as it sours deep inside

    – can’t resist meddling.

    Good poem. Can’t help becoming angry but we can control how we react – we can control our actions. Not sure that is right but that is what we like to tell ourselves.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know that I rail and protest against Trump but that feels necessary. I would hope I wouldn’t treat anyone as badly as his supporters have treated those they see as their enemies.


  2. ladynyo

    Yeap, been there my entire life. Ihave a 98 year old mother who starts every sentence: “I hate ______” fill in the blank. I don’t know what keeps her alive but perhaps it is the energy of constant anger and hatred. I know how it has polluted my own life. And the net result is we are impoverished. I have neighbors who are misogynistic and hateful, but they go on their merry life and I am the one left stewing. Their culture is not my culture but I have adapted to their hatred. Sad.



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