Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring. Take action to protect Roe vs. Wade

Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy–the critical swing vote protecting Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to abortion–announced his retirement. This news will set off a furious fight to replace him that we absolutely must win, because Trump has vowed to nominate ONLY justices who will vote to overturn Roe.

This is a CRISIS–but if we mobilize right away, we can protect our rights. Rapid, intense pressure has moved the Senate–including swing votes like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Bob Casey–to do the right thing. Their votes will be key in any nomination fight–and that’s why your voice is so urgently needed to put pressure on them now. Can you sign the petition?


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16 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring. Take action to protect Roe vs. Wade

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Me, too, and I doubt that we will in Mexico. I think they’ll be in sympathy with what we are marching for. Our march is for immigration policy in the U.S. It was planned before the resignation so that wasn’t even an issue.

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      1. Fandango

        That was what we are marching for as well, but with Kennedy’s resignation and what is at stake, I’m sure there will be people marching for that cause as well.


            1. lifelessons Post author

              Pacific is two hours later than central. That would be 1 our time. So guess it isn’t synced around the world…which makes sense as someone would have to be waving their sign at midnight somewhere.

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  2. slmret

    Last weekend I was so angered by events at the Southern border that I wrote a letter, addressed to 2 Senators and my very conservative representative, and with a copy to the President. I would have posted it here, except that in the current atmosphere I was reluctant to be so open for fear that there would be some sort of retribution! I would have never imaginec that I would ever have to live with such thoughts!

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  3. slmret

    If it gets any worse, you might find me on your doorstep — I am getting ready to move, after all, and could change directions fairly easily! The major impediment would be the language!



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