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Reality Redefined

Reality Redefined

(From Reality Shows to Reality Politicians, the meaning

of the word seems to have shifted to its opposite.)

Your underwhelming comments on my photographs should shame me,
but if they foster apathy, you really cannot blame me.
Timeless snapshots can’t be made of subjects that are boring,
and ordinary truth, it seems, leaves viewers merely snoring.

“What seems to be” has turned into the new truth that we seek—
reality  becoming something we can tweak.
A pantomimed emotion, sadly, I must confess,

if one is good enough at it, is good enough, I guess.

So bring on the kitschy actor, the reality show clown.
Their entertainment value will bring them wide renown.

They are what is called for in this modern cyber world.
“Reality’s” new meaning therein has been unfurled.


Prompt words are snapshot, underwhelming, timeless, kitschyfoster and pantomime.

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

He deserves a place of residence
less lofty than the president’s.
I vote we lodge this evil clown
in a place of less renown.
Some hole with bars would suit him well.
No waver to escape this hell,
for there’s no cure medicinal
that his craziness can quell.

Prompt words today are: medicinal, waver, clown, presidential and hole. Image by Grant Durr on Unsplash.

Is This a Joke? If So, Not A Very Funny One!!!

I received this email today. If meant as a joke, not the least bit funny. If not a joke, scary as Hell:  I received this in an email. How can it even be legal to put such a threatening message on the Internet? SICK SICK SICK!!!!!

Cultivate Your Own Garden (CBWC Photos and Quotes)


‘One Must Cultivate One’s Own Garden’…Voltaire

In 1759, Voltaire wrote his most famous novel, Candide, in just three days. It was a satire on the hopes that were pinned to science and technology, which instead of improving the world, he was sure would destroy it by giving more power to tyrants. Better, he said in his parting message, to till our own gardens and leave the rest of the world alone. What an appropriate message that has turned out to be.

I took Voltaire’s advice, and this is the new garden I created during the first year of Covid, transforming an overgrown lot next door full of twelve-foot high castor bean plants, garbage and castoff boulders and leftover construction supplies from surrounding houses into what is a garden in progress. This is the photo I took yesterday through a space in the fence that protects it from further dumping.

Below are “before” and “during” photos. Click to increase size of photos:

But, forgive me, Cee, I just have to show it in color as well!!!! More to come.

For CBWC: Photos and Quotes

Wars and Dogs and Teddy Bears

Wars and Dogs and Teddy Bears

Cynophilists and andarctophiles are experts at collecting,
perhaps because they’ve flunked at other methods of connecting.
Wars are staged by countries that believe in hoarding arms.
Ironic that the means for hugs also maims and harms.

My recommendation is that those who make the rules
should be those sent to battle. Arm the presidents and fools
who start the wars—the despots and the senators and kings.
Then let them see what personal riches battle brings.

Let them take the chances fighting wars waged in their name,
so they are the ones slaughtered or made maimed or blind or lame.
The things that one collects should be what they are about
and what we put into the world be all that we take out.

Prompt words today are war, lame, arctophile, chance and recommendation.

Andarctophile, in cast you didn’t already know, is someone who loves or collects teddy bears. The term for those who love dogs is “Cynophilist”. And the love for a dog is called “Canophilia”.

Ancient and Modern History

Ancient and Modern History

As long as there are riches, then rich men will host wars.
“What’s mine is mine” does not insinuate that “Yours is yours.”


Prompt words today are war, insinuate, rich, host.

Weddings Banned–Market in a Tailspin

Weddings Banned–Market in a Tailspin

They’re banning marriage in America. The vote has just come in.
Such illicit gatherings are now declared a sin.
No flower-littered church aisles. No presents neatly wrapped.
Ring bearers are now passé, honeymoon routes unmapped.

Parsons and priests are limited to un-bridal functions:
baptisms and funerals, sermons and  extreme unctions.
Department stores will probably have to cut back hours
when they feel the drop in sales from no more bridal showers.

The diamond market has gone bust as have sales of cake.
Bakeries are trying to think of other things to make
like maybe first-date cookies or three-tiered valentines,
make-out brownies, passion pies or set-up clementines.

Nationwide, each future bride is busy now, I’m certain,
altering her bridal veil into a window curtain.
The only positive result is no more bridesmaid dresses
of nylon net or taffeta or other gauche excesses.

No reason has been given for this bizarre decision
that’s met with voter outrage and the whole world’s derision.
The press without exception declares this law as dastardly,
declaring that an entire generation will be bastardly.

Kids will not bear fathers’ names. Connections will be lost,
with only mothers being the ones to bear the cost
of doctor bills and dental bills and clothes and vaccinations,
of summer camp and prom dresses and college educations.

The men will all be free to sleep with any random hottie
and spend their dough on gambling debts or a new Maserati.
Perhaps that is the secret of why nine out of ten
legislators voted for the law–they are all men!

Prompt words today are illicit, gathering, unction, flower and wrapped, Image by Ben White on Unsplash.

Extra! Extra! Forget All About it!!! (Sunday Whirl Wordle 529)

Extra! Extra! Forget All About it!!!

Once daily papers split the air, landing with a “plop”
on each house’s stairway, two steps from the top.
Truth was dispensed each morning for a price tag nearly free—
a neatly packaged bundle wherein we all could see
how the engine of the world moved forward bit by bit,
and the shiny torch of journalism helped us witness it.

But while we strove for justice and fairness and the truth,
other forces in the world were fighting nail and tooth,
trying to pollute the facts, and we all know why.
They were simply greedy for their share of the pie.
Did fair reporting save the day? Blind justice serve us all?
Or is it now too late to try to save us from our fall?

Rhetoric now flies freely at us through the air.
No more is it delivered daily to our stair.
Any mother’s son expounds with words twisted and ruthless,
all too often based on hate with logic cruel and truthless.
Words winging through the internet too easily meet our eyes
without the screen of logic to filter out the lies.

Reality is now for sale, scripted and rewritten,
that phony glamorous almost-world with which we all are smitten.
Our politicians, movie stars and buffoons playing roles
all have ulterior motives and short-sighted goals
wherein they build their egos, getting richer year by year,
and news of it just fades away into the atmosphere.



Prompt words for The Sunday Whirl Wordle 529 are free, papers, morning, price, wings, split, truth, shiny, engine, witness, why and strive. Top illustration by Melpo Tsiliaki, bottom illustration by Logan Weaver, both on Unsplash.

Great Author Above

Clouds above

Great Author Above

I’m tired of emotion. I’m up to my ears
in hysteria, sadness and terror and tears.
Bloodcurdling screams have become commonplace
along with sirens and gunshots and mace.

Our souls have been dirtied by leaders who lie
as they help themselves to their pieces of pie.
If there is a God, then this is the time
for him to step in and infuse some sublime

grace in a world that has gone much astray.
Yet we pay and we pay and we pay and we pay
with innocent blood while the rich all get fatter,
as though this whole world’s ruled by the Mad Hatter.

If this is true and we’re living a fable, 
great Author Above, if you’re willing and able,
write a new ending, preferably happy,
and hear my plea to please make it snappy!!!


Prompts today are emotion, dirty, bloodcurdling and tears.

Ta Ta and Good Riddance

Ta Ta and Good Riddance

He wants to know what’s all this fuss
about being unscrupulous.
Honor to him is just a fable—
His every act meant to enable
a law or bill or legal tort
as a means to then exhort
his cronies to increase his fame
to pad his pockets and laud his name.
His vacant eyes contain naught

of what he did for  what he’s got.
A patriot for sure he’s not.
If I were forced to make a list
of all the ways he is not missed,
I fear the list would stretch so far
as Katmandu or Zanzibar.
And though I know them all by heart,
I do not have the time to start
at the beginning and reach the end.
So I’ll just say, here and anon,
that I’m relieved that he is gone.


Prompt words today are enable,  scrupulous, vacant, list and exhort.
Photo by Srikanta from Unsplash, used with permission.