Unseen Forces

Unseen Forces

A sneeze is how a poltergeist gets outside of you.
At night a different stinky elf sleeps inside each shoe.

Every creaking rafter supports a different ghost,
and it’s little gremlins who make you burn the toast.

Each night those tricky fairies put snarls in your hair,
while pixies in your sock drawer unsort every pair.

Midnight curtain billows are caused by banshee whistles.
Vampires use your toothbrush and put cooties in its bristles.

Truths all come in singles. It’s lies that come in pairs.
That’s a zombie, not a teenager, sneaking up the stairs.



23 thoughts on “Unseen Forces

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    And that’s why they call those tiny knots in long hair “pixie knots.” I always had an image of tiny pixies laughing hysterically as they tied my hair into millions of tiny knots. When my hair was that long, I had to braid it all the time, even when I slept.


  2. lillian

    I am absolutely laughing out loud!!! Thank you for brightening my day….smiling here…no actually, a huge grin! 🙂 I think shall send this poem to my grand daughter — we share poems a lot. I will of course list you as the author. LOVE it!


  3. Lona Gynt

    I agree with Lil, absolutely fun. and the Truths as singlets, lies in pairs bit… that is too funny and wickedly spiraling recursive in a poem composed of couplets – you are winking at us there. I think that zombies and teenagers are usually the same thing though. Fun!!



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