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New Year Resolutions

Here is a short reflection on New Year Resolutions:

New Year Resolutions

When the new year zaps us with our last year’s reflection,
it brings up all our defects and flaws for our detection.
It goads us to be better and to bend our crooked way
to plot a straighter game in life than we’ve been prone to play.
It’s January 1st that prods our consciences to make them,
giving us a whole long year in which to go and break them.

And here is a longer one: https://judydykstrabrown.com/2014/12/22/resolution/


For dVerse Poets: Resolutions
and if you want to read more poems on the subject, go HERE.

Life Experience, for dVerse Poets

Life Experience

A soul need not be in the know
to boldly come and boldly go.
You’re likely not to move an inch
if you are prone to falter  and to flinch 
because you fear you lack the knowledge
earned by those who’ve gone to college,


For dVerse Quadrille Challenge: Bold

You can find the dVerse Poets Pub prompt HERE.

Period of Adjustment (Can of Worms)

Period of Adjustment
(Can of Worms)

Even the giants of the ocean must come up to find air.
As the bell sounds and each of us is off to a new table,
it is another indication of the extent of our sanity.
Memories like this reveal the boy within the man,
enough so you can handle caring for a pup—
a tight knot in her cushy denim bed just a yard away.
Those are traits she got from you, and certainly not me—
a  small-town landlocked jungle girl.

But if you lay off my breakfast, I’ll cook you your own waffle!
I guess I’ll go eat worms.
(If he’s the one I married, you can bet that he can buy them,)
By the time I’m twenty, I’ll grow out of it­­,
our break mended by a solid golden band,
and we can dine on  tunafish straight out of a can!!!
Little foibles seen in review.
And though our story is not over,
for now this is “The End!”

For dVerse Poets, we were to take the last lines of twelve of our poems and to create a poem out of them.  Yes, mine is a “bit” strange, but then so were all of the poems I took them from. Blame it on the prompt words. I always do.

Warm Heart

Warm Heart

The small dogs are still warm from their day’s exertion
curled into balls—one at my feet above the covers,
the other, too small or timid to leap up to the bed,
a tight knot in her cushy denim bed just a yard away.

For the dVerse Poets Quadrille prompt, the subject this week is warmth.

To see the prompt and to read some wonderful poems on the subject of warmth, go here:https://dversepoets.com/2022/11/28/dverse-quadrille-165-warmly/

Lucid Moon

Lucid Moon


Is there any more unifying element in nature than the moon? Who on this Earth has not looked up at it and dreamed their dreams? Suns bake, winds blow devastation, rain washes homes away, but the moon is simply there, pulling our tides and our hearts in different directions.

Lucid Moon

With half a life lived in the dark,
an owl’s hoot, an answering bark,
the moon across the water scattered,
ragged clouds, wispy and battered––

I float in night and solitude,
the night determining my mood.
I lie in darkness and I brood,
a nightly lucid interlude.

When sunlight comes in fits and starts,
the day brings out my other parts.
They rise in me from dawn to noon,
dispelling powers of the moon.

Thus balanced between dark and light,
each half consumes its daily bite.
I welcome each within its time
Life varied, balanced and sublime.

for d’Verse Poets moon prompt.

Writing a Poem with the Radio On

Writing a Poem with the Radio On

Makes me want to cry, all the cowboys with guitars
strumming in accompaniment to a world
whizzing through a universe it can barely comprehend.
The world is a wall that is crumbling, crumbling,
and no amount of musical mortar can keep up with it.

Lyrics on the radio swirl into a quagmire
of words to be written,
lists of what to do. 
A new riff floats my mind away:
her backdoor screen is closed.
Turn around,
turn around my darling
or the world is lost.

Everything so crazy
it makes him want to cry

Drowning my sorrows in his,
the task of this poem remains unaccomplished.
The small dog cries over an untossed ball.
Yolanda with her mop, dispenses advice and laughs at my jokes.
That melody fading into silence,
I wait for a new one to begin.

For dVerse Poets Beat Poetry Prompt they ask us to write a stream of consciousness poem . Go HERE to read other poems of this ilk. Photo by Dave Weatherall on Unsplash.


Sangria Punch for dVerse Poets

Sangria Punch

Take strawberries, about a cup.
Disinfect, then slice them up.
If you are a liquor lover,
pour tequila in to cover.
Overnight, just let them stew,
then add sangria to the brew
and add fresh orange juice to it
and 7up, more than a bit.

Then slice more strawberries to freeze
and add as many as you please
to pretty glasses picked for show
and put them neatly, row on row
upon the freezer shelf to chill,
ready for your guests to fill
with fresh sangria punch to kill!

For dVerse Poets Quatrain “Punch” Quatrain prompt. Recipe below in non-quatrain form.

1 or 2 cups sliced strawberries and peaches, too, if you wish
2 or 2 cups tequila to cover well
Soak overnight in tall glass pitcher. In the morning, add
1 quart Kirkland Sangria, 1/2 quart fresh orange juice.
When ready to serve, add 1/2 quart 7up, mix and pour over
frozen strawberries places in glasses in freezer to chill.
Adjust for tastes. I do every time. Amounts are approximate.
Store covered in fridge. It improves in flavor as it sits.

HERE is the original dVerse prompt.




All rivers led away from home, each highway, path and plane,
but little did I know that I would be led back again.
Memories pressed upon the page like flowers in a book.
Every story, every poem records a backwards look.


The prompt by dVerse Poets is to write a poem based on this amazing painting by  Lee Madgwick. See her other paintings here: leemadgwick.co.uk.
See other poems written to this promt HERE.

Jam and Toast for Dinner

  Wishful thinking.

Jam and Toast for Dinner

She could not stand to touch a worm,
for squiggly things just made her squirm,
and so she cast a naked hook
into the waters of the brook.
You might have guessed she was not able
to provide protein for our table,
thus proving that old axiom
forgotten by our squeamish mom.
“When you go out fishing, best do it by the book.
No one ever caught a fish with an unbaited hook.”

For the dVerse Poets prompt: aphorisms.

I believe this is a new aphorism to add to your list!

Love Lost, Love Gained

Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part.”

Love Lost, Love Gained

Since my true love just up and left,
there’s no relief. I am bereft.

No matter how much I expound,
help is nowhere to be found.

Come, wipe the memory of his face.
Let, then, a new love take its place.

“Us” bleached out from my memory,
kiss wiped so a new kiss may be,

and so forsake this moan and vetting.
Part of love lies in forgetting.

For the dVerse Poets prompt, we were to take one of the given lines and to make a poem of it, using each word of the line, in order, as the the beginning word in each line of our poem. The the line I chose precedes the poem: “Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part.”

For dVerse Poets
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