Agave Prebloom Addendum: Flower of the Day, Aug 24, 2018

Remember on July 29th when I posted this photo of the Aloe prebloom and some of you asked me to show it when it bloomed? I erred in calling it an aloe. It is actually an agave.


This is how it looked  as it started to branch out: (click on first photo to enlarge all.)

On August 24, it is now as tall as this little palm and branching out even more. Each of those knobs will be a bloom. When it finishes blooming, the plant will die.

IMG_1999 2

You wonder how it could grow this quickly? Here is the rest of my garden a few weeks ago.  During the rainy season, everything flourishes. The problem is keeping it cut back:



For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

14 thoughts on “Agave Prebloom Addendum: Flower of the Day, Aug 24, 2018

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Wow. Do you know what variety of agave it was? I have one that grows much larger than this and always leaves babies to grow in its place, but certainly the leaves aren’t that long. It seems to take more years to send up a spike as well.

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      1. Lwbut

        I believe it was an Agave Americana Marginata – variegated leaves. It had vicious spines, many more than an inch in length – nasty but not without a certain beauty! 🙂


  1. angloswiss

    Let’s face it, I live in the wrong country. Switzerland just isn’t a good thing, all we can boast is edelweiss and that only grows in places where you could almost get buried by an avalance or fall off a moutain side. I saw a few of the agave growing in Portugal, great plants, but a bit kamikaze.

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