For Kukla

Kukla, the ring leader of the four one-month-old kittens left on my doorstep 15 months ago and the first to drive my 16-year-old cat Annie away from her food dish to claim it as her own, has not shown up for meals for the third day in a row.  I think it is significant that for the past five meals, her siblings have left 1/4 of the food in their communal food dish for her.  I share their hopes that she will return.

IMG_2062Leftovers—a rarity with this bunch.

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37 thoughts on “For Kukla

  1. Catherine

    Oh no!!!! I hope she turns up soon. I’m really surprised the others left her food. That didn’t happen the time she didn’t come for a meal when we were there.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      She is indeed the only rambler in the lot. The others stay close to home. And she was the first to jump up on my wall and bring my attention to the others, too timid to crawl up the bougainvillea into what turned out to be their haven. Ollie wouldn’t even get out of the box they were left in! I just hope she isn’t locked in a house she sneaked into. most of the homes around me are weekend or vacation homes.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      She does. She’s the one who roams the most. Yes, I’m afraid she either got locked in somewhere or perhaps killed by dogs. But, perhaps she’s just visiting. Remember when Lulu didn’t come back for a week and then nonchalantly showed up now and then. She’d decided to move in with neighbors who got up to feed her earlier in the mornings than I did.


      1. lifelessons Post author

        No. But I think it is actually Frannie who is missing.. or else Kukla came home and Frannie left. I can’t tell them apart unless they are together! But Kukla is the roamer and the kitty left has been roaming. Ironic that it is the stay-at-home who seems to be gone.

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      2. lifelessons Post author

        Okay, I’ve done the research and it is definitely Frannie who is missing. Kukla is sitting here watching me type this. Strange as Frannie was the least likely to stray. We hope she finds her way back to us, but they’ve stopped leaving food for her.

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      3. lifelessons Post author

        When I opened the door to feed them tonight, I heard a strange squeaking and turned around to see Ollie entering with a live, squirming, squeaking mouse! Damn!!! I chased him all over the house. He ran under the bed where was the last place I wanted a mouse to be dropped. We played literal cat and mouse for about ten minutes before he finally dropped the mouse, now dead I hoped. I put my foot on its tail so he couldn’t run away with it, tossed Ollie out the door of my bedroom and slammed the door, put the poor mouse in a trash bag and took it down and threw it over the wall into the spare lot below me. The dogs accompanied me all the way, very interested!

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      4. koolkosherkitchen

        Don’t worry – they’ll sort themselves out! am a good one to talk; the other day Pyshka nosed the kitchen door open and went for a walk on the back stairway. I almost had a heart attack, until I saw the open door and realized where she could be. And she just sauntered in like nothing happened!


      5. slmret

        The photos should help you identify who’s missing — and a daily check to make sure it’s the same kitty each day! Did you ask Ryan if he might have taken one home with him?


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