More on Road Rage


On Friday morning, I wrote a poem about where fury drives us and then, ironically, a few hours later I witnessed this incident of road rage: 


 Friday we were in Tonala and about to cross (walking) at an intersection when we heard a horn blaring. One car honked its horn and then zipped around the car in front of it, cutting it off, and crossed the road in front of us. Then the car it had passed started blaring its horn and sped after it. The car in front parked in the middle of the street, blocking the other car, which honked at it to move. The woman in the front car came barreling out of her car, yelling, ran back to the car behind her, reached through the window and slapped the driver in the face. This caused the driver’s husband to come barreling out of his car and the husband of the car in front to come running to defend his wife. Then the driver of the rear car exited, but unfortunately forgot to turn off her car or set her hand brake and the rear car went crashing into the front car! When we drove back by 5 minutes later there were two police cars, an ambulance and what looked like a swat team handling the matter. Talk about road rage!!! (We knew the ambulance was unwarranted unless the battle escalated after we left.)



11 thoughts on “More on Road Rage

  1. Glenda Roman

    I feel the foolish irony of hitting Like on your
    , let’s face it, too close experience. Also of my own fruitless anger. But mostly I am incredibly saddened. Is this The New Normal?

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  2. isaiah46ministries

    We are experiencing a lot of road rage in America, so much so that I ask Douglas not to blow at people. I am afraid of getting shot. The stress levels people are under must be off the chain! It seems perfectly normal folks just can’t take anything more, and of course the anonymity of driving seems to encourage the idea that no one else Is going to disrespect me.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I agree. It was just unbelievable that this developed to such a degree over such a small thing. I saw it a bit differently than Jeff and Deb did, but between us we developed that version of what seemed to be happening. It just surprised me that a woman would get so violent over such a simple thing as someone going too slowly and then honking back. The fact she stopped her car in a one-lane road showed it was her intent to confront the other woman. Amazing. And, I must admit, I had the idea that I wanted to get out of there before the guns came out! Always a possibility in this day and age.



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