Sunup Sundown Song: My New Book!!! Now in Print

My newest children’s book is now available on Amazon. Go HERE to order.

sunup cover final (Judy)

“Wake up, wake up, my buttercup, my flutterdown and flutterup, my painter and my cutterup, your sleepy time is done.” So begins this silly rhymed storybook by Judy Dykstra-Brown that takes a child from waking up to a go-to-sleep-lullaby, chronicling in between a day full of activities and then the bedding down of the child along with a recap of all the creatures they have encountered during the day at their grandparents’ farm, the zoo and in storybooks. “Humpa, humpa, haravan, the camels in their caravan and puppies on the spare divan are falling fast asleep . . . like the foxes in their lairs, with the fleas down in their hairs. . . . Like your playmates, your teacher, and every living creature.” Sunup Sundown Song takes a child through the entire busy day and lulls them to sleep. Charmingly illustrated with fine details by artist Isidro Xilonzochitl. Meant to be read to children of all ages.

35 thoughts on “Sunup Sundown Song: My New Book!!! Now in Print

  1. GettingrealwithPTSD

    Your book sounds wonderful and you are truly a poet. The illustrator did a lovely job with the illustration of the little girl. She is beautiful without being model beautiful which is a fault of many children’s illustrators. I love children’s books and have collected many over the years and even penned one of my own. I am cheering you on!

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  3. slmret

    The book just arrived — it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love the story and the rhyming of a mixture of real and imaginary words. And the illustrations are perfect. My little nephews will love it — I may ot be able to wait till Christmas to give it to them!



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