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Story Conference

Isidro and I met at Viva Mexico to discuss illustrations for our next book. He now has three of my children’s books stacked up to illustrate. This one is entitled “I Really Want A Puppy.” It’s quite a job as he needs to come up with at least 7 different puppy characters as well as a family of six: two children, Mom, Pop and grandparents as well as friends. (Click on the first photo to enlarge photos and see captions.)

Sunup Sundown Song: My New Book!!! Now in Print

My newest children’s book is now available on Amazon. Go HERE to order.

sunup cover final (Judy)

“Wake up, wake up, my buttercup, my flutterdown and flutterup, my painter and my cutterup, your sleepy time is done.” So begins this silly rhymed storybook by Judy Dykstra-Brown that takes a child from waking up to a go-to-sleep-lullaby, chronicling in between a day full of activities and then the bedding down of the child along with a recap of all the creatures they have encountered during the day at their grandparents’ farm, the zoo and in storybooks. “Humpa, humpa, haravan, the camels in their caravan and puppies on the spare divan are falling fast asleep . . . like the foxes in their lairs, with the fleas down in their hairs. . . . Like your playmates, your teacher, and every living creature.” Sunup Sundown Song takes a child through the entire busy day and lulls them to sleep. Charmingly illustrated with fine details by artist Isidro Xilonzochitl. Meant to be read to children of all ages.

Share Your World, Feb 19, 2018

The questions below were asked by Cee on her Share Your World blog prompt:

How do you like your eggs? Egg salad made with mayo, mustard, celery, onions, celery seed and sweet pickles. Even better with grated carrots and mild cheddar cheese on whole wheat bread.

Have you ever met anyone famous? Bob Hope, John Wayne, Barbara Kingsolver, Alice Walker, Carolyn Forche, Dom Deluis, Jackie Gleason, Jack Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Macdonald Carey.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money? A savings bond.  I was a thrifty little girl. When I was five and six, my 11-year-older sister used to raid my piggy bank and when I’d object, say, “Judy, it’s all coming from the same place! ” (She meant that Dad gave us both an allowance.) I remember saying, “Yeah, and it’s all going to the same place, too—to you!”  It seemed important to safeguard my money.  A $25 savings bond cost $18.50 as I recall and in ten years made $6.50 in interest. A better investment than losing it to my sister!

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? I loved working with Christine, Fred and Emily—the wonderful musicians and singers who set my rhymed children’s books to music.  We have 6 tracks of the first (Sunup Sundown Song) on garage band.  I wrote the lyrics, Christine the music. Christine did guitar and lead vocals, Emily did backup vocals and fiddle, Fred did uke and percussion.  So fun.  Hope to have it available soon.  The book is all set up on Amazon and being formatted for Kindle.  I need to decide how to distribute the song that goes with it.  Any ideas?

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For Cee’s Share Your World prompt.

Sharing Mr. Teddy


image from internet                              

Sharing Mr. Teddy 

Caught in baby’s neck creases, clinging to Grandpa’s cuff,
escaped from Mr. Teddy are these little bits of fluff.
These airborne little clumps of fuzz go anywhere they please.
They catch in Daddy’s nose hairs, causing him to sneeze.
They wind up in the pancakes–an artistic swirl of blue.
A few of them are tracked outside under Billy’s shoe.
When he climbs onto the school bus, they go along with him,
and everywhere that Mommy goes, to grocery store or gym,
a piece of Teddy comes along to be left behind
somewhere in the wide wide world, but he doesn’t mind.
He has so many fluffy parts that he can share a few.
And when you come to visit, you can take some home with you!!

The prompt today was fluff.


Night Fantasies and Other Reading Pleasures

Night Fantasies and Other Reading Pleasures

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Bedtime Stories.” What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

IMG_3312 IMG_3313

For his entire life, my dad was the storyteller in the house, but at night time, it was my mom who climbed into bed with me and talked me to sleep.  At first, she would make up the stories, perhaps fitting me into them, or weaving fantastic tales of everyday life that grew as I asked question after question.  (Present day bloggers may notice this same tendency in my comments! Sound familiar, “Relax”?)

One story would end, and of course, I demanded another.  Finally, she found a book of one-page stories to read to me, and when she got to the end of the first page, most nights she could be prevailed upon to read one or two more. To this day, I usually listen to a recorded book from Audible as I fall asleep.  As I’ve noted before, sometimes I wake up in the morning with the book still running and I wonder how it affects my dreams.

What a relief to learn to read in the first grade, so I could experience a new story whenever I wished.  From Dick and Jane to The Little Red Hen, I loved those simple plots that somehow grew so involved in my imagination.

Many of my favorite childhood books were lost in a tornado, but a few years ago, I found a number of others in my older sister’s library.  “A Walk in the City,” several Dr. Seuss books and my favorite of all times, “The Teenie Weenies” now reside on my own bookshelves.

It was in second or third grade that I became addicted to Nancy Drew.  Go HERE for that story.

   Sock Front Cover A Christmas story orangeB30-1 copysunup cover all letters outlined

                                                       On The Run!!!
If a grand slam is, as I think it is, a home run hit over the fence with the bases loaded that thereby also brings in three other runners, then I would say the equivalent in my life would be to find an agent who would find a publisher for all four of my children’s books! I am not a lazy writer, but I am a lazy marketer/promoter.  I would love to find someone to turn that part of my life over to!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grand Slam.” In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a grand slam?

Sock Talk

Sock Talk

It’s Here! The first proof. It should be available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions within a week or two. This has been a looooong learning process, but two more (Sunup/Sundown Song and I Really Want A Puppy) are now formatted, awaiting illustrations. Going much more smoothly for the second and third books.