Provincetown Harbor (For dVerse Poets Quadrille Monday)

For Quadrille Monday on dVerse Poet’s Pub

19 thoughts on “Provincetown Harbor (For dVerse Poets Quadrille Monday)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It’s really about the death of my husband, who was with me when we visited that island. He died 17 years ago, but somehow the image of that island seemed to work for how life seems to cover over grief, but wash away now and then to reveal it again for a short time.

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      1. Singledust

        I am so sorry for your loss. time does not heal completely, we still have all these memories. life just barely covers the grief, it never fails to appear. I understand that grief more now than ever. loss is loss, i hold you in the light.


  1. lillian

    Judy, what is the name of your book that was written while looking out on this scene? We’ve spent two weeks every year in Provincetown since we moved to Boston in ’97. Take the fast ferry out. But — we stay at the Watermark way out on the East end of Commercial street. We’ve walked across to that island….we’ve biked down there many times. We have photos of this very spot….and in the little park/piece of land that you drive around to park your car so you can walk out on these rocks…near the motel that may be where you stayed??? — we have a stone there with our names George and Lill (although they spelled it Lil). You’ve described it perfectly — and the shape of the poem is a great way to have the reader “see” the ebb and flow of the waves. The idea of “your memory” placed here at this place, and going and and out with the tide….beautifully done!
    PS: We just got back on Saturday from our 2 weeks….If you look at my blog, two poems ago, is Provincetown Farewell…and there’s a section of Cape Cod photographs that are all of Ptown. Just a magical place! 🙂

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Lillian. The place we stayed overlooked the tidal flats south of that island that were little rivers during the day and that were totally covered with water at high tide. There was a fox with two babies that walked alongside us as we walked on that little strip of land that went out to the island and they were pulling on a long piece of what looked like whale blubber–playing tug-o-war. The place where we stayed was two stories high and we were in front so our terrace looked out over the scene described above. I woke up very early, went out on that terrace, and wrote an entire long rhymed children’s story that became my new book (Over 20 years later. Tell me I’m not a procrastinator.) It was the first children’s piece I’d written and was about waking a child up in the morning, her entire day, and then putting her to bed again by relating all the adventures of the day. I don’t mention Provincetown in it, it just happened to be where I was when I wrote the long rhymed piece. When my husband woke up, we went out for breakfast and called his daughter and found that during the time I’d been writing it, she’d been giving birth to his first grandchild! It seemed a great synchronicity that somehow I had plugged into that by awakening so early and feeling the impulse to write a book for a small child. That baby born that day now has a toddler of her own. I sent her the book and she said they have read it every day and night since then and will continue to do so. Needless to say, I waited a long time before publishing it! The name of the book is Sunup Sundown Song and although I don’t know how to copy a working link into this message, you can find it on my blog under the heading of “Children’s Books” or on Amazon. I also remember a wonderful Army Surplus store there. Is it still there? I brought a gross of little plastic paddles I still use for applying glue and mixing paint! Wish I had some more. My husband and I spent a week there after attending a two week paper making workshop in Boston. It was an idyllic time, but we never returned. He has since passed away and I moved to Mexico. I think this is the longest comment I’ve ever written.. ha. Have you ever visited the paper house–in a small town between Provincetown and Boston? I’ve done a post on it also. The entire house and all of its furniture made entirely of paper.



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