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On the Fix

On the Fix

She’s on the fix:
repairing hems, 
cleaning the oven,
puttying cracks,
organizing drawers,
straightening picture frames
with no idea
of how to fix
a cracked heart. 
She needs a breaking
of old habits
—a lesson 
on letting be,
leaving her broken things
to heal themselves.



Here is the prompt: https://dversepoets.com/
and below is where you can go to read other responses:
For the dVerse Poets Quadrille Challenge: Fix

Shelter in Place

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 1.58.30 PM

The dVerse Poet’s prompt today is the word “flush.” The poem is to be a quadrille—-exactly 44 words, not counting the title.





Wish upon that falling star and
put a four leaf clover in your button hole.
Carve our initials into soap and rub them into us.
Light a candle and chant a spell,
because I want,
I’ve got to have

For dVerse Poets Quadrille Challenge

An Open Letter to the N.Y. Times Regarding Their Sunday Crossword


An Open Letter to the N.Y. Times Regarding Their Sunday Crossword

Your circular riddle’s an impossible pill
to swallow. Your blanks I struggle to fill.
The crux of the matter? I never know
just how to harvest the seeds that you sow.
I find your clues exceedingly queer.
Your genius outreaches my talent, I fear.


Prompt words today are circular, riddle, outreach and crux. I’m also answering the dVerse Poet’s Quadrille Challenge making use of the word fill in a 44-word poem.
Here’s the dVerse prompt: https://dversepoets.com/2020/02/10/quadrille-97-filling-the-page/

King Neptune’s Joust

Image by Daniels Joffe on Unsplash, used with permission

King Neptune’s Joust

Who seeks to best the ocean’s roar 
is just a fool, and no more—
delusional right to his core.
The protection of the knights of yore—
that plaited metal that they wore—
was but a many-chambered door 
that led them to the ocean’s floor.

For the dVerse Poets Quadrille Challenge: Roar. 

On the Subject of Cracking Knuckles


On the Subject of Cracking Knuckles

Please don’t snap your bones at me. 
I cringe, I plug my ears, I plea.
If you must make noise with body parts,
please stick to  burping, coughs or farts.
Since popping sounds tend to astound me,
Do not crack knuckles when around me!



I do not like that brittle sound,
so please don’t crack your bones around!

For the dVerse Poets prompt “crack.” For Quadrille Monday.

Grossed out by Liver


Image by JJ Jordan on Unsplash. Used with permission.

Grossed Out by Liver

Have you ever seen the quiver
of a plate of raw red liver?
Shake it and you’ll see it shiver.
Blood runs right out and forms a river.
If mom cooks it, I won’t forgive her.
I will not eat a gol darn sliver!! 


For Whimsygismo’s dVerse Quadrille (exactly 44 words) prompt of Quiver. Phew!!!