Gilt Trip



Not much of a “gilt” person, I searched my photo library in vain for a half hour before suddenly remembering the Opera House in Guanajuato.  Pay dirt!!!! Lots of gold.  Click on any photo to enlarge all!

For Nancy’s Prompt–“Gilded.”

10 thoughts on “Gilt Trip

  1. Leland Olson Hoel

    Beautiful photos Judy.
    I hate to take the Guild from the Lily but, I have a bee in my bonnet over the author or authoress of the following short sagacious verse. My inclination was to ask the professionals, either okcforgottenman or Judy Dykstra Brown. Who quilled the original version of the following? Was it “Poor Richard”?
    When it is hot and sticky
    That is not the time
    for dunkin dickee
    When the frost is on the punkin
    that is the time for dickee dunkin!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Actually, it says unknown. A guy published it a few years ago but didn’t attribute it and other sources say author unknown. Definitely not Benjamin Franklin!!!


      1. Leland Olson Hoel

        Thank you for the reply. I hope you stay well and warm down there South of the Border. We had our first killing Frost yesterday morning, so much for the tomatoes from my window boxes. I have been editing and proofreading my books. I’m actually quite proud of the results, finally after several months. If you know anyone reading Kindle e-Books please point them in my direction. I could use some reviews. People can read all three of my books free if they are Kindle members. I’m on the Amazon author’s page but that doesn’t do much good when you are an unknown from South Dakota. Where, what?? Best wishes, stay Well, Leland



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