Her frame is gigantic. Her hands are immense.
The moment the day dawns, her labors commence.
No manifesto determines her actions.
She doesn’t subscribe to man’s rules or factions.

Silent and rugged or noisy and splendid,
everything everywhere in her is blended.
She cleans up our messes and creates our splendors:
our challenges, races, environments, genders.

We think we’re in charge, but this brands us naive.
For each thing we mess up, there’s a trick up her sleeve.
As we seek to improve her, we tell ourselves lies.
She bats us away—as annoying as flies.

Our air churns in fury, our polar caps moan.
She tries to instruct us to leave them alone.
Like recalcitrant children, we refuse to mind—
as we play at our game of destroying mankind.


The prompt words today are rugged, silent, manifesto and immense.  Here are the links:

6 thoughts on “Mother

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. Even in the photo of my mother holding me aloft in my scooter, he looks so big and strong yet when she was older she seemed fragile. Are we all going in that direction? Probably. In this case, however, it is Mother Nature I’m talking about and fragile as she seems lately, it is ironic that it is ourselves we are doing away with.. not her. She will adapt and change no matter what we do to her. It just may be that she doesn’t adapt in a manner healthy for human life.



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