The spectre of your memory haunts me less with every year.
Those things I feared so long ago, I no longer fear.
I do not flinch in public when I think I see your face.
No resemblance flags my terror as I wander place to place.
To reinforce my courage, I have wiped you from my mind,
changed my modus operandi to avoid your type and kind.
Although you haunt my past, you have no presence in the present,
where I admit your absence is what makes my life so pleasant.


Today’s prompt words are flag, public, spectre and reinforce. Here are the links:

5 thoughts on “Stalker

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I don’t think I was ever stalked, but I was sometimes “followed around.” But they were harmless guys who just hoped if they happened to be around one day when I was seriously lonely …

    The spectres I see are people who have died, but look just like them. I see them out of the corner of my eye and by the time I get a clearer look they are gone. Spectre or ghost?

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