Ducks in a Row

Click on first photo to enlarge all.

It was Duckie’s niece Hummie who first christened him “Duck,” when she was too little to pronounce “Doug.”  I complicated the matter by calling him Duckie and since then, Ducks seem to have flocked into his life.  From me, from our friends Gloria, Patty and Judy (posthumously) from another friend Nancy and from his friend Ann. Now, as you can see, he is being kept busy keeping his ducks in a row. You might recognize Little Duck of past blogging fame in this lineup.

9 thoughts on “Ducks in a Row

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes, we had looked it up, thanks to you. Love your curiosity. We both love words but had never thought to look it up. It was just a modernization of Ducks, which is a bit easier for people to take than “Duckie.” He also discovered that Mussolini’s title of “Il Duce” is derived from the latin word Dux, which meant leader!!!

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      1. slmret

        Wow — I didn’t think to go as far as root words like Dux = leader. And my knowledge of Latin is from about 65 years ago, so just a little rusty. I love it! This whole conversation has had me laughing out loud this evening! Dux — go for it — but don’t discard the ducks!

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