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Solace from this angst-filled world can best be found at home.
It wraps around me snuggly under my protective dome.
Prioritizing calm and peace, I have a little chat
with a dog or bird or two, or maybe with a cat.

I lie snug in my hammock and survey the too-long grass
of my private little meadow where no evil comes to pass
short of combat between possums and dogs too poorly trained
to entertain these welcome guests in manners more restrained.

Their battles are, alas, short lived. The dogs always the winners.
As in the world, the bounty here goes to the biggest sinners.
The possum’s only infraction? It’s not a dog or cat
and its physical resemblance is too close to a rat.

And so the world injects itself into my little nest,
insisting the familiar is what we accept best.
These battles happen when I’m gone or when I’m fast asleep,
too lost to this too-conscious world, lost in a world more deep.

As things are on the outside, I fear they’re also here.
My world is not a perfect world, but simply a small mirror
to what is happening all around. It is without a doubt
those who have most everything keeping others out!


13 thoughts on “Microcosm

      1. slmret

        As I finished reading this post, I was thinking about caravans of migrants and how badly we are dealing with them. And I was thinking about bombings, and shootings — we seem to want to eliminate intruders. I liked your line about “dogs too poorly trained to entertain these welcome guests in manners more restrained” I was thinking, too, about the homeless people who fall asleep in the parking lot behind my friend’s commercial buildings — they are asked to leave, and their “belongings” subsequently confiscated. On all levels, I believe there have to be better solutions, though perhaps the dogs and cats do it best! Again. an interesting metaphor and food for lots of thought!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. slmret

        I so enjoy your writings that spark the conversations — and then the conversations themselves! It’s rare that I find a person (irl or not) with whom I can have such chats. Yours are among the posts that I ALWAYS read and enjoy. When my world settles down a bit more, I hope we’ll have a chance to meet!

        Liked by 1 person


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